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We offer a wide range of Yonex strings and accessories. Yonex is the industry leading badminton brand and we understand that our customers love using Yonex products. In addition to the products that we have in stock, we can offer our clients any Yonex string on the market at special request. Yonex offer only the highest quality products for their customers and we are proud to supply their goods to our customers.



Babolat badminton provide customers with a great range of strings and accessories. Although we do not currently stock their products, we are happy and willing to bring in their products for a small additional charge. Babolat is regarded as one of the top manufacturers of badminton strings and stringing tools. We choose to use Babolat tools for our restrings to ensure that we provide the absolute best service to our customers.


Pro's Pro

Pro's pro are one of Europe's leading stringing machine manufacturers. We use the Pro's Pro Tomcat Electronic Stringing Machine to ensure that our customers receive professional quality restrings. Our machine has top grade features including an electronic constant pull tension head, 6 point mounting system, load spreaders, adjustable string clamps, and other features such as pre-stretching. For more information about the service that we offer and the equipment we use, please visit the about us page.

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Sam Cook

" It's a great stringing service that does high quality work at a great price"

Mark Newbery

"I have always been really happy with the level of service I get from Sam Jones Restringing. There is a quick turnaround and I feel confident that my rackets are safe with the team"