About Us

The Sam Jones Restringing Service was founded in 2017. Since then we have had the chance to string hundreds of rackets for our customers. We are a small organisation who pride ourselves on our high quality and efficient stringing service. 

Personally, I have been playing badminton for over 10 years and have got more than 4 years of stringing experience. I currently play on the national and international tournament circuit which means I am perfectly placed to understand all of the new trends in the industry. Also, my vast experience means that I am able to understand what players require of their rackets to unlock their best potential and I am best placed to give advice to players to all levels.

Finding the perfect blend of string and tension in the racket is key to all players for several reasons. For example, a correct combination can generate optimal power, provide control and reduce the chance of injury. For more information about why stringing is so important, head to our FAQ page

We are always happy to welcome any questions from either new or existing customers about trying new combinations of tensions as well as different types of strings. If you want to get in touch, head to the contact us page.