Aerobite Restring

Yonex Aerobite is the world's first hybrid badminton string. It combines a thicker (0.67mm) and rougher main string to provide control and bite on the shuttle and a thinner (aerosonic string, 0.61mm) cross string which offers repulsion power. This combination provides players with the optimal mix of control and sharp feeling. Aerobite is one of the most premium strings that Yonex offers and is endorsed by some of the worlds top players such as Kento Momota, Lin Dan, Carolina Marin and Saina Newhal.


Yonex’s first ever hybrid string combo. The new AEROBITE applies heavy spin for decisive cut smashes or a solid touch for hairpins that drop straight down.


Stringing Policy

COVID-19 Policy

Listed below is our COVID-19 update which details the protocols in place to try and keep our customers and staff as safe as possible. 


Firstly, we will NOT be accepting any rackets that have come from a household or been used where a person has shown any symptoms of COVID-19, within the last 14 days.

In response to COVID-19, we will be taking the following steps to minimise the risk of transmission during the stringing process:

- All rackets that are to be restrung must be exchanged following the current social distancing guidelines.

- Rackets must be exchanged with strings already cut out and removed by the player.

- When submitting the racket for stringing, the player will be given a plastic racket bag and rubber band and asked to seal the racket inside (grip side down) before handing back to the stringer whilst adhering to social distancing (i.e. placing the bag in a safe location between stringer and player).

- Once a racket has been received by the stringer it will be left in the sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before the stringing process begins.

- After the 48 hour period is over, the racket will be lightly wiped with an antibacterial wipe covering all surfaces of the racket except the grip, which will be covered with the racket bag.

- The racket will be strung, lightly wiped with an antibacterial wipe and placed in a new racket bag that has been sealed without the grip being touched.

- The stringer will contact the player to arrange a safe means of collection from the stringer.

At this current time, cash payments will NOT be accepted. All other means of payment including: PayPal, Bank Transfer or contactless payment when receiving the restrung racket will be accepted.

As I am sure you understand, this policy is in place for a reason and all customers must follow it.

Before we string your racket, we will carry out a thorough inspection, checking for any cracks and damage to the frame or grommets. If we notice any damage, we will contact you before we begin stringing the racket. If the racket is damaged, in most cases we will still be able to string the racket however, we cannot take any responsibility for any further damage that may occur either during or after the stringing process.

Even if we inspect the racket and there is no visible damage, there may still be small hairline cracks that can worsen during the stringing process. Therefore, when submitting your racket for restringing, you are consenting that you understand that the stringer is not responsible for any damage that may occur. If the racket incurs any damage then the client will be informed, however we cannot accept responsibility for this.