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What string tension should I use?

String tension is all down to personal preference and is often a matter of trying a few things to find out what feels best. However, generally speaking the following string tensions are suited to these levels of players:

Beginner/casual player: 18-24 lbs

Club player: 24-27 lbs

Advanced player: 27-30 lbs

How often should I restring my rackets?

A common misconception is that players should only get a restring when their strings break. However, for most players this is not ideal. Generally speaking, we recommend that you restring your rackets 2x the number of times you play a week e.g. if you play 2 nights a week then we would suggest restringing roughly 4 times a year.

How do I avoid tension loss?

Unfortunately, as soon as your racket comes off of the stringing machine, it starts to lose tension quite quickly. For an average player this may not affect you too much however more advanced players will usually be able to feel even a slight change in tension. 

You can't avoid tension loss however if you do the following things you will be able to minimise it. Firstly, try to avoid changes in temperature for the racket. For example, we strongly recommend not leaving your racket in your car overnight and would always recommend leaving rackets indoors at a constant temperature. Also, if possible try to use a thermally insulated racket bag - this will help with maintaining a constant temperature.

What type of string should I use?

There are a lot of different strings on the market and they are all slightly different, however most strings have a similar multifilament core. The main differences between them are the thickness and coating. A thin string, for example, a Yonex aerosonic string (0.61mm) will offer you a lot of repulsion power and lower durability whereas a thicker string such as a Yonex BG65 (0.70mm) will offer more durability. Next, a Yonex Nanogy 99 will offer you lots of control and bite on the shuttle as it has a special nylon coating and rough braided fibres. On the other hand, a Yonex BG65 has a softer feeling to it, providing added durability and less control.

The feeling that each string gives you varies and every player can feel different things from the same string. If you have any more questions, we will be happy to answer them so please contact us.

What is a hybrid string?

A hybrid string is a when the racket is strung with 2 different types of the string, one type for the main strings (vertical) and another for the crosses.

We stock the Yonex aerobite string which was the worlds first hybrid badminton string. This combines a thicker main string (0.67mm) which has a rougher coating to provide control and bite on the shuttle and a thinner cross string, Aerosonic (the worlds thinnest string at 0.61mm) for increased repulsion. 

Some players also use hybrid combinations such as BG80 and BG66 Ultimax. We can offer a hybrid combination of any two Yonex strings upon request.

What is pre-stretching?

Usually, when stringing, the machine will pull the string to the designated tension and not go any further. Pre-stretching, means that the machine will pull the string beyond the set tension and then come back down. For example, if stringing at 30lbs with 10% pre-stretch, the machine will pull to 33lbs briefly and then come back down to 30lbs. This effectively removes some of the elasticity from the stringed and takes out some of the natural ping from the racket. The advantage of doing this is that over time, the racket will lose tension slower. However, it is argued that pre-stretching can lead the strings to feel more 'dead' as there is less repulsion and push-back in the string bed when hitting the shuttle.

Some racket manufacturers, for example, Yonex, do not recommend pre-stretching however, we do offer this if players ask for it. We are able to pre-stretch at 10%, 15%, 20% and 25%.

How much do you charge?

Do you only string in Winchester?

We offer a very affordable yet high quality service. Currently, we charge our customers £12 for a restring and that includes the cost of string. We also offer a labour only service for £10 if the customer would prefer to provide their own string.

As we are based in Winchester, the majority of our clients are from the local area. However, we also get lots of customers from nearby areas such as Southampton and Portsmouth.

We are also able to offer a postal service for customers who aren't able to make it to Winchester to drop off/collect their rackets. This process involves sending your racket to us in a cardboard box and then we string the racket and ship it back to you. Obviously, due to the nature of this, the price of the service will be higher than a normal restring so please contact us for more information.

My string has broken, do I have to restring the whole racket?

How long will it take to string my racket?

This is quite a common question that we get asked and unfortunately the answer is yes. When a string breaks, the rest of the stringed will instantly loose lots of tension and the strings will become unbalanced. 

It is possible to repair only one string however this will ruin the performance of the racket completely and is only really used in an education setting where it isn't viable to restring lots of rackets.

Whilst the time to string a racket can be as low as 20 minutes, due to high demand and a few other reasons, it will take a couple days to get your racket back. As well, due to the COVID-19 protocols that we have in place, rackets may take longer than normal.

Our aim is to get all rackets strung and ready for collection within 5 days. Most commonly, we will be able to complete rackets in less time than that especially if we are giving early notice that your racket needs stringing.

On occasion, we can offer a 'string as you wait' service however this can only happen if you are able to give us advanced notice and we can fit this in.

If there are any topics that we haven't covered, please get in touch using the contact us page and we will be happy to help.