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Our Service

The Sam Jones Restringing Service provides a professional Badminton racket restringing service for clients in the Winchester and Hampshire area. 

On this page you will find an outline of the service that we offer. For specific information on which strings are available and our pricing structure, visit our Strings page.

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Drop off

Before the stringing process has can begin, the racket needs to either be dropped off or posted to us. If you would like us to restring your racket then get in touch so that we can arrange the first step.

Racket Inspection

At Sam Jones Restringing, we understand how much players value their rackets and that is why we ensure that we check every racket for frame damage and broken grommets before every restring.

Stringing - Mains

We string all of our rackets in a 2 piece string pattern (unless our clients ask us not to). Also, we string 1lbs below the requested tension for the mains and string 1lbs above the requested tension for the crosses. We do this to balance out the tension and load on the frame of the racket as recommended by most manufacturers. If the client asks us not to, we can string both the mains and the crosses at the requested tension, however in the long term this may cause some damage to the frame.


Stringing - Crosses

The next step of the process is to weave and tension the cross strings. For the crosses, we increase the tension by 2 lbs (to 1 lbs above the requested tension) to maintain equal load around the racket. This is also the step that we will use the 2nd piece of string and for customers using a hybrid string, we use the 2nd type of string e.g. for an Aerobite restring we will now use aerosonic for the crosses.


Now that the actual stringing has been completed, we will stencil the racket strings for a professional look. If the client prefers us not to do this for example if they use their own logo on their strings then we will skip this step.

N.B. this is only available for Yonex, Babolat, Carlton and Ashaway rackets.


After stencilling the racket, we place the racket in a plastic racket bag that adds to the premium service and will also help maintain the temperature of the racket, helping to maintain string tension for the customer.

After this step is completed, we will contact the client to arrange collection and payment.



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